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Guided Meditations: Welcome

Click on the link below to download free guided meditations


Children's Meditations

For children, who tend to be active, meditation
provides the opportunity for them to have quiet
time away from technology and other distractions. 
Meditation helps children to learn to journey deep inside
and discover a world of peacefulness and joy.

Teenage Meditations

Teenagers are faced with many pressures in our fast paced and ever changing world.
Meditation can help them deal with emotional, mental and social issues 
and offer assistance with the transition into adulthood.

White Flowers

General Meditations

These meditations are suitable for almost all age groups and aim to help with
sleep, anxiety, depression and other health and wellbeing issues.

Guided Meditations: My Classes

Meditate with the
Sound of Nature

Guided Meditations: Text
Guided Meditations: Pro Gallery

Edward Bach writes
In "Heal Thyself "




“It will materially help to set apart a short time

each day to think quietly of the beauty of peace and

the benefits of calmness, and to realise that it is neither

by worrying or hurrying that we accomplish most, but by calm,

quiet thought and action we become more efficient

in all that we undertake.”

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