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The Wonder of Stillness
Meditation for Children

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The book is a practical guide for parents and teachers to help children to deal with the stress and challenges of our busy and fast changing world.  It provides techniques to help children reflect on their feelings and senses and use their creative imagination to promote their self-esteem and confidence. 

The Introduction sets out the purpose of writing the book: to help children experience the benefits of quiet time and discover inner-peace.  The book seeks to achieve this by providing practical guidance to parents and teachers to instruct children using the scripts provided.   The target age range of the children is 3 to 11 years (Primary School age).  The different stages of children’s development is acknowledged and reference is made to rebalancing our educational system from its focus on ‘left brain’ activities, such as maths and science to include more ‘right brain’ activities to encourage intuition and creativity.  The stages of meditation, definitions of meditation and mindfulness and the importance of imagination are also covered.  

The Practical Guidance section provides a comprehensive set of practical instructions including setting up the room, children’s posture, use of music, drawing materials, selection of the meditation, age considerations, preparation for and advice on reading out the meditations, affirmations, chanting and regularity of practice. 

The main part of the book is divided into five sections: Calming, Uplifting, Creativity, Confidence and Self-Healing, each containing at least five meditation scripts.  Notes are provided at the beginning of each script to help set the right atmosphere and provide ideas for discussion and/or activity afterwards.   

A revised and updated edition of ‘The Wonder of Stillness, Meditation for Children, A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers’ is now available on Amazon in the UK and internationally in the US, Canada, Australia and in European countries like France, Italy, Spain and Germany

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Extract from -The Wonder Of Stillness

The Breath
of Life

Breathing is essential to life. It is one of the most effective ways to calm down our nervous system and reduce stressful patterns. We can use breathing to control....

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“In a changing world, the heightened energies and anxieties bring tensions and difficulties to all. Our children need to be equipped to deal with what surrounds them. This beautiful book brings guidance to parents and teachers - a tool to facilitate awareness of downtime that opens a pathway to connection, inner peace, release, strength and love.”  

Shirley Henen, Author, Healer, Teacher

Michelle’s book is a delight to read for adults and kids alike. Michelle has brought together old traditional teachings and modern thought. There is enough to keep you interested and it’s simple enough not to bog you down. So it’s really relevant for today’s children who find it difficult to switch off. The practices Michelle passes on help open the heart so that connection to the world becomes easier. Meditate, smile, repeat.

Hamish Hendry, Founder of Astanga Yoga London

Parents liked the special, quiet time with their children and felt that the children were very relaxed afterwards.  They also described a feeling of peacefulness in the house afterwards and also an air of anticipation beforehand. The children liked the special time together. All parents felt the meditations were an exciting prospect for the future and thought that both parents and children would benefit hugely if they could be incorporated into their lives.  All parents agreed that children's mental health is a massive issue and this is a great step towards what is necessary to help children in the future.

Rochelle Hope, Primary School Teacher and Yoga teacher

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"This beautifully written book will be a very helpful guide for me when teaching my children’s yoga classes. It's very easy to follow and implement - I particularly like the different categories. Children will definitely benefit from these magic meditations as I'm sure the parents and teachers will too!"

Allison Pearlman, Yoga Teacher & Owner Yoga Zone

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