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Image by Ravi Pinisetti

New Meditation Courses

Love and Connection

6 weekly sessions

This is a 6 weeks’ course including meditation, practical exercises and discussion to help deepen our connection with Mother Earth, develop self-compassion and self-love and discover inner stillness and peace. It is a journey into understanding the inter-connection between all life on Earth and beyond. We will discuss our soul life and Higher Self and use meditation techniques and exercises to expand our intuition, increase self-awareness, learn to recognise our unique gifts and uncover our own divine plan. This course is a deeper dive into themes covered in the ‘Course on Expanding Consciousness’ including Love, Peace, Intuition and Inner Child. Each class is 1.25 hours on Zoom. 

Image by Nicola Pavan
Image by Chelsea Gates

Pathways to Love

5 weekly sessions

This is a 5 weeks’ course offering pathways to open your heart and experience deeper love for yourself, increase your self-worth and self-esteem, discover inner stillness, balance your feminine and masculine energies and learn self-healing techniques. The course includes meditation, visualisation, breathing exercises, practical processes and discussion. The classes focus on Acceptance, Stillness, Inspiration, Balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and Self-Healing. Each class is 1.25 hours on Zoom. 


5 weekly sessions

During these fast changing and challenging times, we need tools to maintain our wellbeing and strengthen our sense of self. This is a five weeks’ meditation course offering pathways to self-empowerment through meditation, visualisation and breathing exercises with a focus on expanding our imagination and creativity and understanding the true meaning of grace. The final class is focused on developing your own meditation practice. Each class is 1.25 hours on Zoom.  

Image by Carlos de Miguel
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