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New Meditation Courses

The Divine Masculine

5 weekly sessions

November to December 2023

Divine or sacred masculine energy is associated with qualities such as protection, support, structure, dynamic action and manifestation. These energies are intended to work in concert with divine feminine qualities such as nurturing, intuition, unfettered creativity and compassion to create beauty and harmony on Earth. This 5 weeks’ course looks into the meaning and significance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in current times. Using breath work, meditation, reflection and group discussion, we will review mythology, ancient practices, wisdom teachings and other writings to assist with this exploration.

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The Divine Feminine

5 weekly sessions

August to September 2023

Through guided meditations and reflection, this course explores the energy of the Divine Feminine. We will look into the mystery and mythology of the Divine Feminine figures including the Cosmic Mother, Sophia, Shekinah, Lilith, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and more. We will delve into the traditions, teachings and practices associated with goddesses, divine feminine masters and sisterhoods. The final class will focus on the Importance of Balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies in our inner world and the outer world. 

Path To Compassion

4 weekly sessions

July 2023

This course looks into the meaning of compassion and its significance and potential effect in the world today. We consider the importance of having compassion for oneself and expanding it into relationships with other individuals and all life on Earth. The classes over Compassion, Tolerance and Forgiveness, Self Compassion, Compassionate Relationship and Living with Compassion.

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Essence of Love

5 weekly sessions

May to June 2023

This 5 weeks’ course considers the essential nature of universal love and offers meditations, breath work and other tools to help release emotions, thoughts and belief systems that stand in the way of experiencing the highest form love for ourselves, others and for all life on this planet. We look into the Art of forgiveness, the Meaning of Mercy and Compassion and the Power of Love to Heal.

Resilience in times of Transition and Change.

5 weekly sessions

1 hour commencing Thursday 19 January to Thursday 16 February 2023

This course offers tools help us to cope and thrive during times of change and transition. Through meditation and other practices, we can learn to keep steady and calm, find stillness in the eye of a storm, increase our resilience, strength and courage to face new possibilities and adapt to new realities. Sessions are held over a five weeks' period for 1 hour online on Zoom and cover Calmness, Balance, Resilience, Transition and Change and Transformation. Participants are invited to share their experiences in a supported and caring environment. Recordings of the meditations, and reference notes are shared after each class.


To book a place contact on this course or other courses (see News for 2021 and 2022) please contact Michelle on +44 7951 958 176 or email

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Feedback from previous courses

"Thank you for the whole course, it has been extremely eye (and heart) opening and given me such incredible tools to connect to the earth and myself."


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